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Full text of "Poland Russia and Great Britain 1941-1945"

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we end it, apparently, by agreeing to take 40 per cent, of her territory away
and to offer her compensation in the shape of German territory. . . . The
truth of this Polish-Russian dispute is that our Government and the Allies
are caught in a conflict between ethics and expediency. The Times of
April 20 spoke of such an affair as sheer opportunism which would go far
to disillusion opinion at home and abroad. Then it said^ referring to these
matters, that, while we wish to adhere to principle, regard must be had to
the relative power of conflicting parties. *My Lords? that is power politics
and nothing else, and we must face the fact. "
In the early days of 1944, the Americans of Polish descent, without
regard to political differences, had united into one powerful organisation
in order to support their Mother country and take care of her interests
on the continent of America. In June, a Congress was held at Buffalo,
and the 3,074 delegates, representatives of the various organisations and
syndicates, made an appeal to the " civilised world 53 in the name of the
six million Polish-Americans. It read :
" We are mindful that this appeal is being written on Memorial Day,
when our Nation pays tribute to those who have given their lives for tie
United States. Many thousands of old graves of Americans of Polish
ancestry, many monuments of Polish heroes, will be decorated to-day with
the American flag. Thousands of mothers will weep to-day, their hearts
will bleed not knowing where the graves of their beloved sons are. There
is in this sacrifice a holy unity between them and all the mothers in America^
Poland and other lands.
" We are also mindful that the thoughts and sentiments of this appeal are
being written on the eve of the invasion of Europe. We all live in grave
anticipation of news that will announce victory—and death of many. . . . To
all of us there shall be only one consolation^ that will redeem this great
sacrifice—the knowledge that they have not died in vain. The principles
for which they fought are accepted by all the nations who signed the
Atlantic Charter.
" We wish to remind the world that on September 13 19393 when the
German barbarians invaded Poland^ there was only one boundary question.
Poland's boundaries were violated by the Germans. The whole world
stood up in arms because the boundaries of one nation were violated by
force and brutality of another nation ... A fourth partition of Poland* by
any nation, would be dangerous to peace and tend to destroy the moral
influence and responsibility of the United States.
" Poland had repeatedly rejected German attempts to win her into an
alliance against Russia^ always faithful to her pledges and pacts. Unjustified
propaganda claims that Poland may become a Fascist country. There need
be no such fear. Poland has been partitioned three times before—because
she was a democracy—and she now self-sacrificed herself for the cause of
democracy, rejecting fascism and religious oppression. Russia need not
fear Poland unless she fears democracy.
" The Polish people will never give accord to Russian claims or grab by
force. They will continue to repeat this pledge of the Charter and we
Americans shall join them., because the Atlantic Charter is America's
moral responsibility to humanity. We solemnly appeal to our fellow
Americans and to the citizens of all civilised countries, to stand by and
adhere to collective responsibility for Poland. This is a test case of inter-
national morality.*'